What do you do when you quarrel with your wife/husband?

Buy a bag? Buy milk tea? Take the initiative to contract housework?

There’s another option: HAVE ANGRY SEX

There is a word called “make-up sex,” which is often called “angry sex.”.

Sexual behavior has the function of reconciliation and settling…

20 breakup stories about the first day of the breakup

What did you and your ex do on the first day of the breakup? One is constantly explaining, and the other is covering his ears and saying “I won’t listen”? One person pulls black quickly, another person pesters endlessly? Or are both sides quickly involved in a new life?


Basic terms


Explanation: BDSM is used to describe sexual preference patterns related to sadistic love in some people. The main groups are referred to by BDSM: bondage & discipline (B / D), dominion & submission (D / S), sadism & Masochism (S / M).

Note: BDSM is not B + D +…

A person has what kind of heart, has what kind of world. Man is the psychological slave of his ideas.

The success or failure, honor or disgrace, gain or loss of a person’s life all play an important role because of his ideas.

To make ourselves happy and relaxed, we…

On the Olympic mountain in ancient Greece, there is a Delphi temple. In the temple, there is a stone with five words on it: know yourself.

Later, the great philosopher Socrates took this sentence as his philosophical motto.

There are three philosophical questions in life: who am I? Where do…

A few days ago, we received such a message in the background:

“Recently, I’ve been living with my boyfriend for more than half a year. There’s something that makes me confused. My boyfriend is usually very polite, but he seems to have changed his personality in his sex, he loves…

In BDSM, shame is the source of happiness for many people. To arouse their shame, we have to mention a skill that many DOM / S want to master — dirty talk.

The dirty talk here does not mean swearing, but refers to a kind of “shameful language that can…


A scientific article on D / S. Before reading today’s article, please look at the following two questions.

1. Under the premise of trust, when a has psychological pleasure because of obeying B’s orders, which kind of BDSM does the relationship between…

BDSM: an erotic subculture with its spectrum

Is BDSM sexual abuse?


BDSM is an erotic subculture, and some people think it is a sadistic subculture. …

Many readers want to learn the knowledge of BDSM. To meet your needs, I’m going to sort out the recent high-frequency questions for new readers. When you finish reading this article, you at least know more about BDSM culture than your friends.

What is BDSM?

Most people’s understanding of BDSM is that one…

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